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City Events & Registration Details

Great Offers: Pay for 4 cities and explore 2 more Cities for free. Thus, visit overall 6 Cities


CITY/DATE Venue Early Registration Rates (by October 31st, 2017) Regular Registration Rates (by November 30th, 2017) Late Registration Rates(After December 1st, 2017)  Presentation
Kolkata , Kolkata , February, 17th YTD $999, Table $1200, Table $1500, Table $250, Table
Hyderabad, Hyderabad , February, 18th YTD $999, Table $1200, Table $1500, Table $250
Tirupati, Tirupati , February, 19th YTD $999, Table $1200, Table $1500, Table $250
School Visit, Bangalore, February, 20th Bangalore $250, Table $300, Table $350, Table $250, Table
Bangalore , Bangalore , February, 21st YTD $999, Table $1200, Table $1500, Table $250, Table
Pune , Pune, February, 22nd YTD $999, Table $1200, Table $1500, Table $250
Road Trip/Site Visit , Pune, February, 23rd Pune- Mumbai $1, Table $1, Table $1, Table $1
School Visit, Indore, February, 24th Indore $250, Table $300, Table $350, Table $250, Table
indore, Indore, February, 25th YTD $999, Table $1200, Table $350, Table $1500, Table

About FoxNerds

  • FoxNerds is a professional education consultancy firm, extending excellent support and service to students all over India and gives unlimited study opportunities across the Globe.
  • FoxNerds is an AIRC, NAFSA, ICEF, EAIE, AIEA and QISAN Certified and Members. A Leading Overseas Education Industry with the “Vision is to transform student’s life by making Study Abroad Applicable to all”.
  • Present in student communities in South India, Central India and Western India with 8 offices in Bangalore, Indore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Anand, Surat, Coimbatore and Hyderabad.
  • Established in 2011

Welcome to FoxNerds EDU Fair!

We invite you to participate in the 2018 student fair across our cities where FoxNerds has a strong presence and reputation. The fair is a great opportunity for universities to:
  • Encourage Indian students and their parents to consider the Study Abroad as their first choice premium study destination.
  • Target students in all the stages of education, allowing them time to gather information and prepare for the next intake.
  • Showcase pathways to all educational sectors: English language, foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate.

Why Participate?

  • To recruit Grad, Undergrad and other short term international students from India.
  • To increase branding and visibility among Indian students and families.
  • To create relationships with students with one on one interaction and class presentations.
  • To develop partnerships with local high school and colleges.
  • Cost effective recruitment solution to reach a larger audience and build your partnership with foxnerds.

Night Summit

  • The Magic Began Basically after the conference was over in the evening.
  • Meeting with One to One with Indian School/ College Representative
  • Drink and Networking with Attendees.
  • Discussion on Student Exchange/ Faculty exchange and Summer Programs.

Deliverables to Participants:

Accommodations & Food Details:
  • Reservation in 5/7 Starts Leading Hotels.
  • Possibilities are (Vivanta By Taj, Oberoi, Grand Hyatt)
  • Incudes Free Breakfast
  • Lunch will be served during Events and School Visit
  • Dinner with Indian universities/School Representative will be Organized by FoxNerds
  • Banner/Poster/Bulk Email/SMS through out events.
Event Details:
  • FoxNerds will be responsible for providing utilities necessary for successful completion of Event
  • Student Registration information will be shared.)
  • Fully-Integrated Online Student Lead Management will be Provided
  • Meeting rooms for Private Sessions with Students for one-to-one Interactions
  • Included 360-Degree promotional Plan & Digital Marketing
Tyler King

Lewis University, USA

"Thanks again to you and your team for all of your hard work. It was a wonderful experience thanks to your efforts. I really look forward to working with FoxNerds."

Dr. Ryan D. Dye

St. Ambrose University, USA

"I want to thank you for an excellent experience. Although we only participated at Vadodara and Indore this time, I was very pleased with the quality of the students and the excellent work of the FoxNerds staff. Please give to them my regards."

Jan Jones

The University of Alabama

"Thank you everyone for a pleasant visit to India. I very much enjoyed meeting everyone. Event planning is tricky. Keeping a bunch of people all happy even trickier. Overall well done. Thanks again for all of the hard work foxnerds. Good job!"

Vincent Konchellah

California State University, Bakersfield

"It was nice meeting you in India and thank you for organizing the fair and inviting us. We had fun and I personally had fun meeting both of you. We look forward to working with you and your team."

Kirsten L. Feddersen

Southern New Hampshire University

"Thanks for your email and all your hard work during the fairs. I can’t imagine how many hours of planning went into that so thank you again!"

John Evans

Point Park University

"Jetty advised that the event was a tremendous success. Very pleased to hear it! Well done to you and your team".

  • Reservation in 5/7 Star Leading Hotels.

  • Possibilities are (Vivanta By Taj, Oberoi, Grand Hyatt)

  • Includes international Breakfast

  • Lunch served during Events and School Visits

  • Dinners with Indian universities/School Representatives

  • Banner/Poster/Bulk Email/SMS through out events

  • Name and Logo will be prominently displayed on Summit Website and Conference Venue on the Main Backdrop, Banners, Hoardings, and Promotional Materials as "Principal Sponsor"
  • 4 Dedicated Workshop Presentations to max. for 30 minutes
  • Name and logo will be prominently displayed in all Promotional Advertisements (newspaper, digital campaign, social media) as "Principal Sponsor"
  • Name and logo will be prominently displayed on Delegates Badges and Lanyards
  • Marketing and Promotion materials in Delegates Kit (Brochure and Flyer)
  • One 8 x10 Ft Promotional Banner Wall at the Registration Area
  • Special Reserved Access to VIP seating Area based on Sponsorship Type with delegates from International college/schools during the Gala Dinner
  • Access to VIP Lounge for Networking Meetings
  • An educational institution may choose to send multiple travelers on a tour. Additional travelers will pay Travel and Accommodations Charges.
  • The Institution must give written notice and if this notice is given prior to 60 days of the commencement of the event, a 30% cancellation fee will be applied. b) the Institution must give written notice and if this notice is given prior to 30 days of the commencement of the event, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied. c) if the Institution gives notice of cancellation within 30 days of commencement of the event, no cancellation will be permitted and the full amount will remain either payable or no refund will be offered on monies previously paid.
  • Institution acknowledges and agrees that FoxNerds shall not be liable for any loss, injury, delay or damage from any cause beyond its control.
  • FoxNerds is not responsible for personal or travel and health insurance and recommends that travelers purchase appropriate insurance and plan for contingencies.
  • In case a university changes the individual(s) traveling, cancellation and rebooking charges will be billed to the participating University.

Promotional Campaign Request Form

I confirm that I have read and understood the event Terms and Conditions. I hereby agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, which are stipulated in this contract. I confirm that my organization wishes to participate in the events for which I have registered above.

Looking forward to See you in India. Contact us our below team for any Assistance

  • Michael Iacovazzi-Pau

    Director of University Relations, +1-312-218-8883 (also on what’s app), skype: miacovazzipau_sus

  • Abhishek Bajaj

    Managing Director, 91-8892182127 (also on what’s app), Skype: htir.wsp

  • Abhinav Bajaj

    VP of International Operations, 91-8962253248 (also on what’s app) Skype: abbie.foxnerds

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